Husband & Accomplices Arrested For Attempting To Strangle Wife To Death: Coffee Bay – Eastern Cape

Husband & Accomplices Arrested For Attempting To Strangle Wife To Death: Coffee Bay – Eastern Cape

Reaction Officers have travelled 560 kilometers and arrested three (3) suspects in Coffee Bay in the Eastern Cape that were wanted for the kidnapping & strangulation of a female in Amazimtoti – KZN.

Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) was contacted by a 34 year old female on Sunday 14/04/2024 requesting urgent assistance. She informed Officers that her husband of three years had robbed her of jewels, a white GWM car & strangled her with the assistance of two men who loaded her limp body into a vehicle. According to the woman, her husband had accused her of having an affair with her ex-boyfriend. The woman woke up on the seat of silver Toyota Etios while a coloured male was attempting to dump her body in a sugar cane field. This incident occurred on 13/03/2024. She sustained serious injuries.

A team of Reaction Officers recovered the victims car within 18 hours in rural Umzinto in Kwazulu Natal yesterday (Monday). The Officers then followed up on 129 tip-offs between Jozini in the KZN North Coast to Mtata in the Eastern Cape since Sunday night and tracked the womans husband Ramith Aneerudh (37), his accomplice Kyle Clayton (40) and a female Natasha Nell (42) to a home in Coffee Bay. They were hiding out at a one-room home on a mountain side. The Officers later recovered the silver Toyota Etios used to dump the victims body in rural Coffee Bay. The vehicle was seized and Reaction Officers arrested Nell when they learnt that she had loaned her vehicle to transport the strangled wife & had been sending intimidating messages to the victim in an attempt to discourage her from pursuing the criminal case.

Reaction Officers interviewed Clayton who is currently on parole for a double murder & several Armed Robberies. He informed Officers that he was forced to transport the body and was surprised when the victim came back to life. He added that she had jumped from the moving vehicle and he fled fearing arrest.

Reaction Officers then interviewed Aneerudh who explained that he attempted to kill his wife as he could no longer maintain her expensive lifestyle. He added that his wife had insisted on staying at a five-star hotel almost weekly for two years at a cost of R300 000. During an argument, she threatened to dump him for a wealthier man if he could not support her lifestyle. He further explained that on the day of the incident he had checked out of the expensive five star hotel in Umhlanga – KZN after booking in for a month. He then decided to kill his wife. Aneerudh informed Officers that he had a rope in his pocket and intended committing suicide by hanging when he learned that RUSA Officers were searching for him. A fourth suspect is still at large.

All suspects were detained at SAPS Coffee Bay.

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