Housebreaking suspect arrested in Waterloo

Housebreaking suspect arrested in Waterloo
Reaction Unit South Africa.

A housebreaking suspect who broke into a home in Waterloo, KwaZulu-Natal over the weekend was arrested after the homeowner identified him by a pair of shoes left at the crime scene.

A member of Reaction Unit South Africa was stopped on Wick Street, Verulam at approx 16:15 (Tuesday) by a group of men who apprehended the suspect. According to the homeowner, the suspect had fled his residence with an Acer Laptop and an iPad. A pair of shoes that was left behind was recognized as belonging to known housebreaking suspect residing in the same area.

The homeowner then found the suspect who pointed out the iPad that was lying in a dense bush. According to the suspect, he had discarded the iPad after it fell and cracked the screen. The Acer laptop was recovered at a pawn shop in the CBD.

The equipment was pawned for R350.

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