Hijackers target two Queensburgh motorists within 30 minutes

Blue Security

Hijackers target two Queensburgh motorists within 30 minutes

Hijackers targeting motorists in the Queensburgh area fled with two hijacked vehicles within minutes last night.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said hijackers driving a silver white Toyota Etios pulled up at a property in Vera Road in Malvern at around 7.10pm where they hijacked a motorist. “Four armed men hijacked the motorist in the driveway and fled the scene in his vehicle and in their getaway car,” Mathios said.

Just half an hour later, a gang of hijackers struck in Inverleigh Road in Escombe, at around 7.40pm. “A gang of four armed hijackers jumped out of a red Hyundai and hijacked a motorist in the driveway of the property. They forced the driver out of his vehicle and fled the scene with the hijacked car,” Mathios said.

“Fortunately, there were no injuries reported in both cases.”

Malvern SAPS attended the crime scenes.

In both cases the vehicles were hijacked while parked in a driveway, one of the most vulnerable “hot spots” for hijackings.

“We urge motorists to avoid remaining stationery in any driveway where possible, and to be extremely vigilant if you have no other option. Turn down the volume on the radio and pay attention as you approach your driveway, remaining parallel to the road while the driveway gate is opening, so you can make a quick getaway should a hijacking situation occur, “ Mathios advised. “Also keep this in mind when you have visitors, don’t leave them waiting in your driveway as they arrive, and say your goodbyes inside the house so they can quickly drive out when they leave.”

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