Gunmen flee Glenmore home invasion after shooting resident

Gunmen flee Glenmore home invasion after shooting resident

Two friends had their Monday evening shattered when armed intruders invaded a Glenmore home and shot the resident.

“The incident occurred just after 7pm, last night, when the resident went outside to investigate why his dog was barking,” said Blue Security community and media liaison officer, Andreas Mathios.

When his friend, who was sitting inside, heard a scuffle and went to see what was going on he saw an unknown intruder wielding a firearm. While hiding behind a wall, the friend heard a single gunshot and then discovered his wounded friend lying on the ground. “The resident had sustained a gunshot wound to his right leg,” said Mathios. The gunman had fled.

“CCTV footage confirms the incident,” said Mathios. “The two balaclava-clad men are seen scaling the front gate, a firearm is passed over and they run onto the veranda. A few seconds later they can be seen fleeing the property. “The footage also reveals a white BMW passing the home a short while prior to the incident before returning and parking near the entrance.”

Members of Umbilo SAPS and Rescue Care paramedics attended the scene and the injured resident was transported to hospital for further treatment. “The motive for the shooting is still unknown and the case is under investigation,” said Mathios.

“Installing CCTV cameras in or outside one’s home or business is not just a preventative or detection measure, but is also really useful when bringing criminals to justice,” Mathios emphasized. “CCTV footage can be really helpful in assisting with identification of criminals or analysis of incidents.” he said.

The footage of the suspicious vehicle in the area before the incident also highlights the common modus operandi of perpetrators in observing their intended victims or crime scene before they carry out their plan. “It is vital to make a note of unfamiliar or suspicious-looking vehicles in an area and to alert the local security company or SAPS of such, so that crime-prevention patrols can be stepped up,” said Mathios.

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