‘Give us electricity or we kill you’ – black tenants tell 2 Normandien, KZN farmers

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'Give us electricity or we kill you' - black tenants tell 2 Normandien, KZN farmers. Photo: Facebook
'Give us electricity or we kill you' - black tenants tell 2 Normandien, KZN farmers. Photo: Facebook

Two farmers of the Normandien area in the KZN province of South Africa have received crude death threats from black communities who have tenure on their farms and that over electricity which the tenure communities demand must be installed immediately, although that is the responsibility of the municipality and not the farmers.

In typical fashion, “our people” on the two farms threatened the farmers and their families that they will be murdered through brutal violence if the demands for free electricity installation for the black tenure communities on the farms are not met.

Of course this is very characteristic of “our people’s” entitlement and demand culture to get everything for free or else they use violence to achieve their objectives.

The crude and barbaric messages to the farmers were delivered to them via placards that were discovered on their fences.

The words written on the placard addressed to Mr Luke Gibbs are as follows:

” At the end of the month, if you refuse to give us electricity, you will lose your son, wife and business, all through violence”.
The placard is full of spelling errors and there is a sketch on it of poles with electrical wires and a pistol shooting a man.
Mr Gibbs says the death threats are taking him back to a brutal farm attack on him and his wife 4 years ago in which he and his wife were savagely beaten and tortured, himself with a crowbar and his wife with pliers.

The placard addressed to Dr Ahmed Jamooladeen, Mr Gibbs’s neighbour, reads :

“Our basic needs are electricity and piped water. If you refuse us electricity, you will be killed and follow the white men which you losed in the previous weeks.”

The placard addressed to Dr Jamooladeen contains similar crude drawings as the placard addressed to Mr Gibbs.
Dr Jamooladeen says it is young people addressing these threats and they clearly feel justified to everything, also threatening the lives of others.

Dr Jamooladeen says he treats the black tenure community on his farm well and they already use half of his farm for their cattle although he as farm owner has to pay all the taxes. Dr Jamooladeen also says the black tenure community is already selling wood which they get on the farm and building guest houses for others, something which he does not want although he does not have a problem if they use the wood for themselves or build new houses for family.


We know by know that the liberal establishment and their black nationalist friends always portray the black man as the victim but has it not become time to talk about the self justification to use brutal violence if they don’t get their way and the demand and entitlement culture of “our people” in which they want everything and instant riches without having to pay a cent or work for anything?

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