Farmer forced to withdraw money after farm attack – Melmoth, KZN

Farmer forced to withdraw money after farm attack – Melmoth, KZN
Photo credit: Pixabay

In the evening at 21:00 on 14 March 2024, after ending loadshedding, a farmer went to turn off his generator.

Upon re-entering his house and locking the door, he heard screams from his wife and barking from their small dog. Investigating the noise, he encountered an intruder armed with a shotgun in the hallway.

During the struggle, two additional assailants emerged, threatening his wife with knives.

Prioritizing his wife’s safety, the farmer ceased resisting. The intruders, who had entered through a small bathroom window near the bedroom, restrained the couple with fencing wire, causing minor injuries.

Dressed in dark blue and black, wearing gloves and balaclavas, the four culprits demanded cash and firearms.

They accessed the safe, seizing firearms, a 9mm pistol, bank cards, and four cellphones, without attempting to take other items.

Lacking cash, the farmer was coerced to withdraw money from an ATM in town using his farm vehicle.

Subsequently, the attackers drove the couple towards Nkandla on the R68.

Near Melmoth, the couple was abandoned in a ditch, with the assailants firing shots around them before fleeing around 01:00, as recorded by a sniper camera.

The couple walked back towards Melmoth and were discovered by a passing vehicle, which alerted Mfezi Security. They received medical treatment, and with Tracker SA’s assistance, the Toyota Hilux was recovered.

Source: Andre Snyman eblockwatch

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