Farm attack averted by observant farm worker

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Farm attack averted by observant farm worker
Farm attack averted by observant farm workerImage - Die Vryburger

On Thursday, March 6, a worker on the farm Maanskyn, situated in Paulpietersburg spotted five suspects all wearing balaclavas, roaming around the farm. The employee immediately alerted the farmer.

The farmer, Arno Engelbrecht, locked himself inside the house and raised the alarm to notify the community security and police. The suspects went into hiding and fled upon hearing an alarm.

The Police and community security responded and cordoned off the area. A search for the suspects began, and their tracks were found by police dogs, and unfortunately, no arrests were made.

For the following night, security and patrols were ongoing to monitor the farm.

The cryptographic signs found near the site indicate that the attack was premeditated but averted.

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