Family Dogs Bravely Defend against Yellowwood Park Home Invaders

Family Dogs Bravely Defend against Yellowwood Park Home Invaders

Mother-and-son furry pair, Poncho and Otis, sustained severe stab wounds on Monday afternoon while bravely defending their Humans’ Yellowwood Park property.

“It is unclear how many trespassers entered the garden as they fled after stabbing the dogs,” owner Allen Hartley said. The dogs also remained silent during the attack as tenants elsewhere on the premises only realized something was amiss when they noticed the family pets covered in blood.

“Blue Security was immediately contacted when my tenant saw the severity of Poncho and Otis’ injuries. The security company responded swiftly and a reaction officer did a thorough check to make sure that there was no-one suspicious on the property and that everyone was safe,” Hartley said.
The brave family pets, and watchdogs, were rushed to Montclair Animal Hospital to receive the necessary veterinary treatment for their severe injuries.

“Our six-year-old Poncho received two slashes to the head with one stab wound narrowly missing her eye plus a third stab wound to the chest,” Hartley said. “Her son, five-year-old Otis, suffered a very deep stab wound behind the ear, on his neck. Both dogs received multiple stitches,” he said.
It is suspected that the family pets – and fierce protectors – fought off at least two intruders on the property.

“There was a blood smear, at human height, left on the wall, so we’re hoping the brave pair gave as good as they got,” he said. This is not the first time that Poncho has bravely defended her Humans’ home.

“She has chased intruders off the property before when trespassers attempted to trespass around the back. She gets very defensive towards unwelcome visitors,” he said. The “Pavement Specials” tough constitution saw them back home on Tuesday, “a bit battle-weary but already back on security alert and patrolling their territory,” Hartley said. “We are so grateful to Blue Security for reacting so quickly and making sure everyone was OK,” he said.

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