Elderly Women Attacked in Two Separate Home Invasions in Upper Highway Area

Elderly Women Attacked in Two Separate Home Invasions in Upper Highway Area

Two elderly women were victims of home invasions in two separate incidents in the Upper Highway area on Wednesday evening and the early hours of Thursday morning.

In the first incident a Hillcrest resident had been locking up a cottage on her property on Wednesday evening when she was accosted by two shabbily-dressed intruders wielding knives.

“On arrival at the scene the Blue Security armed response officer was informed that the two men had pushed their victim towards the main house. In the process she injured her head on the security gate,” said Blue Security community and media liaison officer, Andreas Mathios.

Her screams for help alerted her son who was working at the back of the property and he immediately came running to her assistance.

“One suspect held a knife to the elderly resident’s neck whilst his accomplice charged towards the woman’s son. He reacted by punching the suspect in the face,” Mathios said.

His actions prompted the suspects to flee the scene by escaping over the fence and running off in an unknown direction.

Medical attention was declined by the victims. Nothing was stolen in the incident.

In the second incident, an elderly Assagay resident was woken up in the early hours of Thursday morning by an intruder holding a knife against her throat.

“Blue Security responded to an alert from a neighbour who reported that a house robbery had occurred,” Mathios said.

It is believed that the suspect had gained entry via the kitchen door. After waking his victim the suspect warned her to remain quiet or he would kill her. He then demanded her valuables.

“The suspect, described as young and well-dressed, fled in an unknown direction after removing one flat-screen TV, a laptop, cellphone and food items.

Both incidents are being investigated.

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