Ecstasy, cocaine and heroin recovered, Durban

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Ecstasy, cocaine and heroin recovered, Durban
Ecstasy, cocaine and heroin recovered, Durban

Police officers from the Provincial Drug and Firearm Unit embarked on operations in Durban and surrounding areas on 29 April 2021 and arrested three drug dealers. The police officers received information that two men were packing drugs at their flat on the Victoria Embankment.

Police proceeded to the identified flat and caught the suspect’s red-handed packing drugs.

A search was conducted in the flat and a total of 814 ecstasy tablets, 20 plastic wrappings of cocaine powder and three clear plastic packets of cocaine powder weighing 88,48 grams was recovered.

The estimated value of the recovered drugs is R91 500-00.

The suspects aged 35 and 46 were arrested and detained at the Point police station for possession of drugs. The police will also investigate if the two men are in the country legally.

An additional 28-year-old man was arrested at Maud Lane in Durban for possession of heroin.

The police officers spotted the suspect after his behaviour raised their suspicions and requested to search him. On searching him, police officers found him in possession of heroin. He was arrested and charged for possession of drugs. He was detained at the Durban central police station.

The three are appearing at the Durban Magistrate’s Court for possession of drugs.

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