Dundee farmer, charged for murder, gets legal support from AfriForum


Dundee farmer, charged for murder, gets legal support from AfriForum
Dundee farmer, charged for murder, gets legal support from AfriForum

The civil rights organisation AfriForum on 14 October 2021, announced that it will assist Garth Simpson from Dundee with legal assistance. Simpson was charged with murder after an incident on his farm a few weeks ago. During the conference AfriForum explained that the organisation became involved in the case because it seems that Simpson displayed a good defence and he will possibly be successful in his defence provided that he has excellent legal representation during the hearing and that he does not fall victim to now cliched political and racial based accusations.

AfriForum already instructed its attorneys Hurter Spies Inc. in this regard and an advocate has already been appointed for this purpose.

AfriForum appointed the criminal law expert Dr Llewelyn Curlewis to investigate the case and to make recommendations. Curlewis on 14 October 2021, explained that from a legal point of view, Simpson’s version will have a full-fledged defence against the charge(s) if it is accepted by the court, and that it is also unequivocally substantiated by the cell phone video evidence.

Ernst Roets, AfriForum’s head of Policy and Action, says that as a rule AfriForum does not usually get involved in individual cases, but that the organisation did however become involved in this case because there are bigger issues at stake that do not only affect the accused, but also the broader community. Roets describes the events at Dundee as tragic. According to him the case should be thoroughly investigated and justice must prevail.

“It is a fact that several national concerns are playing out on this issue. Farmers and people in rural areas are confronted daily with the reality of farm murders, landgrabs, threats of expropriation, increasing crime rates and an inefficient police service. In these circumstances, it is inevitable that tragic incidents like this will take place on farms.”

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