Criminals captured by armed response and community

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Criminals captured by armed response and community
Criminals captured by armed response and community

An elderly Ashley woman had a narrow escape after a housebreaker held her up and attempted to strangle her at the weekend.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said the intruder had gained entry into her Ash Lane house through the roof on Sunday at around 12.40am.

“Blue Security armed response officers arrived at the property and heard people talking inside the bedroom. They realised that the suspect was still inside the house and that he was questioning the elderly woman, asking her whether she had any cash in the house,” Mathios said.

Mathios said the officers alerted the Pinetown SAPS to the scene.

“The elderly woman managed to escape from the house and advised the officers that the suspect was still inside the house, that he was armed with a knife and had attempted to strangle her. She sustained scratches to her neck during the attack and complained about pain in her knees after the incident, ” Mathios said.

“The officers and the police surrounded the house before they went inside and arrested the suspect. The resident’s cellphone and a set of house keys was recovered from the perpetrator. Pinetown SAPS took the suspect into custody.

Mathios said that upon investigation it was found that the housebreaker had gained entry by removing roof tiles and climbing into the home.

The victim declined any medical treatment,” Mathios said.

In a separate incident, Mathios said that a pair of alert gardeners arrested a burglar who had broken into the garage of a property in JB Marks Road in Glenwood on Friday. The incident occurred at around 7.15am.

“The housebreaker broke into the garage and stole a wheel barrow and some camping tarpaulins. A spanner, a screw driver and two keys were also recovered from the suspect,” Mathios said.

The gardeners arrested him and handed him over to the Umbilo SAPS at the scene of the crime.

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