Courier Vehicles Targeted in Emerging Armed Robbery Trend

Courier Vehicles Targeted in Emerging Armed Robbery Trend

Residents are often surprised when we explain how crime happens in waves and moves with the current trends. However, this is often the way that criminals operate. We have recently been notified of a new trend that is emerging in and around South Africa – courier vehicles have become the new target of armed robbers.

Due to this adapted lifestyle we have been pushed toward, eCommerce has been able to grow in leaps and bounds. Online shopping has become a safe and easy way to shop and as a result, there are more courier vehicles on South African roads than ever before. It’s difficult not to notice all the branded vehicles that drive around town and everyone knows that those vans are full of expensive items that we ordered online – including criminals. As a result, we have seen one or two incidents a month turn into a string of armed robberies involving courier vehicles.

Primetime for incidents of this nature is in the morning when vehicles are leaving the depot, just after they have collected all their packages for the day. These courier vehicles are then followed and are stopped somewhere along their delivery route. In most cases, only the packages are taken and the vehicle is left behind.

What You Can Do As A Shopper?

Alex Terblanche, head of Budget Business Insurance offered the following safety tips on BusinessTech, for online shoppers:

  • “Make sure that you know which courier company will be making a delivery and when they will do so, just to ensure that you are fully alert and prepared.”
  • “Include clear instructions to the courier company for when they reach your home to avoid them spending extended periods of time outside the property, making them an easy target.”
  • “If security alerts have been issued in your area, share these with the courier company.”
  • “Pick the most secure spot available for collection of the parcel and signing of the delivery receipt – ideally one that isn’t publicly accessible.”
  • “When collecting a parcel, always keep an eye out for suspicious individuals or vehicles. Alert the courier driver and authorities if anything is amiss and do not open your gate unless it’s 100% safe to do so.”

We urge all employees and shoppers to be extra vigilant and take precautions to avoid incidents like these.

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