Car guard robs disabled woman in Verulam

Reaction Unit South Africa

Car guard robs disabled woman in Verulam
Disabled woman robbed in Verulam. Photo Reaction Unit SA.

A car guard working in Todd Street, Verulam has robbed a 61 year old disabled woman of her cash earlier this week.

Pupsha Murugan (pictured) whose is wheelchair bound after being run over by a car a few years ago was robbed by an unknown Indian male. According to Murugan, she wheeled herself to Todd Street with intention to purchase a few items. She was approached by the car guard who was using an orange reflective vest.

The guard offered to assist her to purchase her groceries. He then took her money and went into a store. He returned a while later with a box and Murugan left. Murugan explained to Reaction Officers that when she arrived at her home and opened the box, she found two bricks inside. She realized that she had been robbed of her cash and returned to Todd Street.

The car guard could not be located.

Members of Reaction Unit South Africa are searching for the suspect, a tall and fair Indian male known as Brandon.

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