Car break-in suspects strike in Isipingo Hills

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Car break-in suspects strike in Isipingo Hills
Isipingo Hills car break-in. Photo Alpha Alarms.

Residents in Isipingo Hills are urged to be alert for the presence of car break-in suspects after a vehicle, a white Toyota Corolla, was broken into on Protea Road between midnight and the early hours of this morning.

The owner discovered the crime when she awoke this morning.

The suspect/s had gained entry into the property by jumping over a wall. The suspects rummaged through the vehicle and fled with a sound system, amplifier and other items.

There were no signs of forced entry and the vehicle alarm did not activate.

Alpha Alarms armed response team responded to the scene followed by SAPS members. The number of suspects is unknown.

Residents in the area are urged to be vigilant and report suspicious persons, vehicles and activities to their security service provider and the police.

Be cautious whilst entering and exiting premises with electronic gates.

If suspicious vehicles or persons are seen in the vicinity of your property, drive past and report to your security service provider or the police.

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