Burglars climb up flower pot to gain entry to Kloof home

Blue Security

Blue Security has cautioned residents to ensure that their properties are clear of any implements that criminals could use to gain entry into their homes after a gang used a garden flower pot as a ladder to enter a home in Kloof.

Blue Security community and media liaison officer Andreas Mathios said a determined gang of burglars had initially attempted to gain entry into the Wuhutu Crescent home by removing the kitchen burglar bars and louvre windows. The housebreaking occurred in broad daylight at around 1.25pm.

“When the gang failed to get into the house through the kitchen window, they went to the other side of the building where they found a flower pot which they used to climb into the house through an otherwise inaccessible 3m high bathroom window. They smashed the window and forced the burglar guards off the frame to get inside,” he said. “They then rifled through the bedrooms in search of valuables before fleeing the scene. It is unclear at this stage what was stolen.”

Mathios advised residents to ensure that items like ladders, outdoor furniture and pool nets as well as spades, pangas and other garden tools were looked away when not in use.

“Criminals usually come prepared with their own housebreaking implements and a plan to gain entry, but opportunistic criminals may be emboldened to break into your home if they see these items lying around the garden. Pool nets are often used by intruders to ‘fish’ valuables like cellphones and wallets through open windows. It is also very dangerous to leave certain garden tools lying around as these can be used as weapons against you should an intruder gain entry into your home,” Mathios said.

Kloof SAPS attended the scene of the crime.

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SOURCEBlue Security