Body of missing 73 year old discovered, Tongaat

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Body of missing 73 year old discovered, Tongaat. Photo: RUSA
Body of missing 73 year old discovered, Tongaat. Photo: RUSA

The body of 73 year old Dhanesar Bhawanideen who was reported missing on Wednesday 17 March 2021, was discovered hanging from a tree in a bush opposite Mithangar, Tongaat on Monday 22 March 2021.

A man arrived at Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) offices in Tongaat at approximately 15:44. He informed the controller on duty that he was a squatter in the area and noticed the body of a man hanging from a tree in a dense bush.

Reaction Officers transported him to where he made the discovery. The individual led Officers through a pathway into a dense bush. The decomposing body of a man was found hanging by a rope tied to a tree. A pair of black Nike takkies, socks and a grey baseball cap was located next to his body.

Reaction Officers believed that the deceased was Bhawanideen due to the clothing description provided by his family on the day he went missing. His family were called out to the scene and positively identified him.

Bhawanideen was reported missing after he left his Chelmsford Crescent residence for his morning walk and did not return. He was spotted on Daffodil Drive in Mithangar later that afternoon.

RUSA was contacted for assistance by concerned members of his family the following day. Reaction Officers, his relatives, volunteer groups and Police searched cane fields and interviewed residents in the area however the elderly male could not be located.

Circumstances regarding his suicide has not been established.

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