Blue Security Crime Map: Upgraded and better than ever!

Blue Security

Blue has updated our crime map to give you all of the current crime and trend statistics you could ever need!

Blue clients now have access to setting up location notifications, radius parametres for specific search results, time and place filters, common residential and business break-in entry points and so much more.

Here is a list of the Top 10 Features that can be accessed from the Blue Security new and improved Crime Map:

  1. Set Location – Type in your desired address in the search bar and specify your location to filter information from.
  2. Radius – Only incidents that occurred within your chosen radius will display for easy targeted views of crime in that area.
  3. Get Notifications – Set up various locations to receive an email notification if an incident reported to us occurred within that predetermined radius.
  4. When and Where – Filter incidents by custom date and time ranges for results most relevant to your search.
  5. Entry points and Weather patterns – Use these filters to see the most common ways burglars gain entry to properties, and how crime fluctuates depending on the weather.
  6. Incident Type – This shows you a list of all crime incidents that occur such as hijackings, break-ins, trespassing and armed robbery. Each incident is represented by a different coloured dot. You can also find the nearest hospitals, fire stations and police stations here.
  7. Incident Specifics – Click on any of the circles on the map to pull up more information on that specific incident such as the date, time, road name, suburb and weather patterns when it occurred.
  8. Trends –  Now you have access to a neat visual representation of all the filtered information in the form of graphs and charts to dig a little deeper into our crime stats and trends.
  9. Day and Time Peaks – Once you’ve selected the time and date ranges, look here for spikes and dips in specific days of the week and times throughout the day.
  10. Entry points and Weather patterns – This gives an immediate overview of how weather affected crime trends, if at all, and what the most vulnerable points of entry were.

Visit the Crime Map for all the possible information you would need to know about crime in your neighbourhood, around your children’s school and even outside your work.

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