BLF spews out hatred, applauds attack on Eshowe farm

Boere Krisis Aksie

BLF spews out hatred, applauds attack on Eshowe farm
BLF spews out hatred, applauds attack on Eshowe farm. Photo: BKA

With the ‘Land without compensation’ issue in the forefront of South African politics and the increase in farm attacks and farm murders it is astonishing that the BFLF organisation along with other parties like the EFF and ANC continue to spew racist hate and divide amongst South Africans. The blatant racist drive and hatred is clearly shown in the following statement from the BFLF organisation. And whilst the drive is against whites the Eshowe farm that was attacked and burnt was in fact owned by a black.

This is the statement issued by The National coordinating committee of the ‘Black First Land First’ movement:

“The people of Eshowe carried out brave revolutionary acts of justice today. The racist white farmers kill blacks like we are animals. We are tired of living under terrorism in our own land. The murderers who again murdered must never set foot on the farm. It now belongs to the people!”

“The facts in summary are that two black people were fishing in a river when one of the racist land thieves opened fire and murdered a young man in cold blood – killed for fishing. The community then responded with holy fire. It is prophesied in the holy bible that the sinner who refuses to repent shall be baptized with fire – see Matthew 3:11.”

“Black First Land First (BLF) welcomes the actions of the community. No politician, police or constitution will protect us blacks. We therefore have a God given duty to defend ourselves. Farms where the murders of black people take place must be expropriated without compensation by the community. BLF is inspired by the revolutionary actions of the people of Eshowe. If we want freedom, we must charge forward like the brave blacks of Eshowe!”

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