Armed robbery suspect arrested, Verulam

Reaction Unit South Africa

Armed robbery suspect arrested, Verulam
Armed robbery suspect arrested, Verulam. Photo: RUSA

Members of Reaction Unit South Africa arrested an armed robbery suspect on Saturday 18 May 2019, after he was identified from a cctv footage that captured the April 2019 robbery. Reaction Officers were called out to a general dealer store on Moss Street, Verulam at approx 16:05.

Upon arrival the store owner informed Officers that he noticed a male in the vicinity of his shop that robbed his store located near the Hazelmere Dam last month. He explained that the suspect and an accomplice had used a knife and a rifle to robbed the store.

He added that two of his brothers were also killed during separate robberies and he believed that the man could be behind the attacks. The complainant then produced a video that was captured during the robbery. Reaction Officers viewed the footage and located the man fitting the description inside the general dealer.

He was positively identified and arrested. A knife believed to have been used in the robbery was found in his possession. The suspect was handed over to the South African Police.

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