Armed robbers strike twice and a man suffers heart attack on the scene in Plamview

Armed robbers strike twice and a man suffers heart attack on the scene in Plamview

Two joggers and the driver of a broken down vehicle were robbed by three armed men between Ottawa & Palmview in Kwazulu Natal.

A 56-year-old male suffered a heart attack when he arrived on the scene.

Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) received calls of the robbery and Reaction Officers were despatched to the R102 between the Ottawa and Palmview robots.

On route the Controller at the Phoenix Operations Center updated Officers that an unknown person had suffered a cardiac arrest. Paramedics were expedited to the scene.

Upon arrival Paramedics stabilised an adult male seated in the back seat of a white Izuzu bakkie. He was transported to a local hospital.

When Reaction Officers interviewed the complainants, it was established that three men that were armed with a 9mm pistol, a large knife and a metal pipe had accosted and robbed then of valuables on the southbound lane.

During the robbery the suspects noticed a blue bakkie on the northbound lane and immediately attacked and robbed the driver of his mobile phone and wallet.

Minutes later a white Izuzu bakkie and its occupants arrived on scene to help repair the blue bakkie that suffered a mechanical failure.

When one of the occupants realised that a robbery had occurred, he suffered a heart attack.

The joggers informed Reaction Officers that they were training for the 2024 Comrades Marathon & believed they were being targeted for their expensive takkies and specialised sport watches.

Reaction Officers are currently searching for suspects (09:44).

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