Armed gang hold up family at gunpoint in Morningside home invasion

Armed gang hold up family at gunpoint in Morningside home invasion

Blue Security has warned Durban residents to be alert when arriving and leaving their properties every day, to avoid being a victim of crime. The warning follows an incident on Wednesday morning when a Morningside family narrowly escaped serious harm after an armed gang entered their home and robbed them at gunpoint.

The incident occurred at approximately 7.30am as one of the residents was driving out of her property. As she drove away she observed two men attempting to derail her driveway gate. She raised the alarm by hooting, hoping the noise would alert the neighbors. “A total of six suspects, two of which were armed, allegedly entered the home, holding the spouse and family up at gunpoint,” Blue Security community and media liaison officer, Andreas Mathios said.

“The suspects demanded cash and the safe and then searched the resident’s vehicle for cash before fleeing in two vehicles.” Thousands of Rands were stolen during the home invasion and the suspects fired a shot before driving away. The family was left shocked but not physically injured. The incident is currrently being investigated by the SAPS.

“It is extremely important that residents be fully aware of their surroundings when arriving or leaving home,” warned Mathios. “Call your security company, press your panic buttons or call the police if you notice any suspicious individuals or vehicles lurking in the area.

“Many criminals stake out or observe a home or person long before they commit a crime,” Mathios said. “Try to change up routines and daily travel routes so as to confuse would-be perpetrators. “It is also important to not keep large sums of cash in one’s home or business premises to avoid being a target of criminals,” he said.

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