Armed Gang Abduct Westmead Guards and Flee with Millions Worth in Alcohol

Armed Gang Abduct Westmead Guards and Flee with Millions Worth in Alcohol

Millions of Rands worth of alcohol was stolen, and guarding staff abducted, during a brazen armed robbery in Westmead at the weekend.

“Guarding staff were held up at gunpoint in two separate armed robberies on Saturday and abducted, assaulted and left injured at the side of the road in the one incident,” said Blue Security community and media liaison officer, Andreas Mathios.

“Blue Security was alerted to the armed robbery in Westmead after a driver arrived at a business premises to find the main gate closed and the guarding employees missing,” Mathios said. “Further investigations revealed that the guards’ offices had been ransacked, two eight-ton trucks (loaded with liquor supplies) were missing, as were the guards,” he said.

“CCTV footage showed four armed suspects arriving at the premises, just after 1.30am, and holding up the guards at gunpoint,” he said. “The guards’ offices were ransacked and, when the suspects found the keys to the trucks, they drove off in the vehicles taking the guards with them,” he said. “One abandoned truck was recovered on Hans Dettman Highway with the keys still in the ignition. The second truck was traced to Empangeni by the trucking company,” he said.

“The injured guards were found lying near Klaarwater Road by passing pedestrians. One employee was transported to a hospital to receive further medical treatment,” he said. “Stock worth millions of Rands was stolen in the raid. The armed suspects are still at large. Pinetown SAPS attended the scene and investigations are continuing,” he said.

“In a separate incident Blue Security was alerted to an armed robbery in Springfield Park, also in the early hours of Saturday morning, where a guard was held up by four armed men,” Mathios said. “The suspects attempted to enter the business premises and damaged the front door but abandoned the forced entry when the alarm was activated,” he said. “They fled in a getaway vehicle taking two computers and two cellphones from the guardhouse,” he said.

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