Another foreign citizen murdered in South Africa

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Another foreign citizen murdered in South Africa
Slavko Yaksic - Another foreign citizen murdered in South Africa. Photo: Front National SA

FNSA learned with great sadness of the murder of a Chilean tourist, Slavko Yaksic (29).

Slavko was last seen alive in the area of Dundee, KZN, after which he disappeared. After his mother launched a Facebook appeal for assistance and his father travelled to South Africa, the body of Slavko was discovered in a morgue in Ladysmith.

The body had been there for more than a week. A case of murder is being investigated.

We would like to extend our sympathies to the Yaksic-family.

This is not the South Africa we wanted. Not where a man is reported missing and more than a week later the police hasn’t been to the nearest morgue to check whether an unidentified body was there. Not where a young man is murdered for no apparent reason. Not where a president tells the world that we have a problem with crime, but no farm murders and then issues a press release two weeks later to express his concern about farm attacks.

We did not want a South Africa of lies, corruption, deceit and racist bloodshed. We wanted a South Africa where your son would have been welcome as a guest to our country, not a victim of murder.

And that is why, with the demand for self determination, we WILL create such a country for ourselves, because we are revolted and disgusted with the one that was created for us.

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