4 Hijackers, a stolen vehicle and a victim

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4 Hijackers, a stolen vehicle and a victim
4 Hijackers, a stolen vehicle and a victim

You never know when crime will coming knocking at your door. That’s why we keep our doors shut and gates locked. Don’t leave your car doors open unnecessarily to avoid situations that this man failed to. Watch what happened to this unsuspecting Mercedes driver as a gang of hijackers approached his vehicle to complete their illegal actions.

An unsuspecting victim was stationed in his car with the driver door wide open when, out of the blue, a vehicle containing 4 hijackers approached. Three of the criminals scurried out of the car with guns and hurried toward the idled Mercedes while the fourth accomplice put foot and left the soon to be crime scene. Confrontation broke out when the Mercedes owner tried to ward off the persistent hijackers. The man’s attempts to fight off the criminals were unsuccessful as they continued to ruffle him up and force him into the back of his car.

The Mercedes was parked next to a wall, leaving the victim with no other escape route. One of the criminals went straight to the drivers open door, blocking his opportunity to exit the vehicle, the other two blocked the back doors of the car to ensure the victim could not flee from their clutches. The man attempted to get out of the drivers seat to try and force the one hijacker out of the way. He was unable to fight the man off and was thrown into the back seat of his own car.

The three hijackers entered the vehicle and sped away with the vehicle and the man.

We always need to be careful, crime is anywhere waiting to happen. Check your surroundings, lock your car and keep your doors closed!

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