31 Year sentence for brutal assault, kidnapping and rape, Umlazi

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31 Year sentence for brutal assault, kidnapping and rape, Umlazi
31 Year sentence for brutal assault, kidnapping and rape, Umlazi

On 28 March 2020, the victim aged 29 years, was walking with her friends in Uganda informal settlement, Umlazi, when her ex-boyfriend, Mandlenkosi Onetime Kameni (26) called her aside to talk. He requested that she accompany him.

She immediately refused, knowing that he is very abusive. He suddenly picked up a nearby brick and hit her with it in her face. She immediately fell to the ground unconscious and he then picked her up and took her to his friend’s nearby shack.

There he raped her and left her in the room alone. She then managed to escape.

At first she did not report the kidnapping and rape to the police and went home.

The following day, 29 March 2020, the accused arrived at the victim’s home. Once again, he asked her to accompany him. She refused. He then took out a firearm and threatened to shoot her if she did not go with him. Under duress he forced her to the same shack and once again raped her.

He left the shack with her inside and he locked the door with a chain and padlock this time. Due to her small size, she managed to push the door and to squeeze between the chain and locked padlock. She escaped and immediately went to the police to report the rape and kidnapping, knowing that perhaps next time he would kill her.

The suspect was arrested shortly and charged on two counts of rape and two counts of kidnapping. An additional charge of assault to grievously bodily harm was also added.

Detective Warrant Officer M.G. Khanyile from Umlazi FCS, worked tirelessly in gathering evidence and witness statements to secure a good conviction. He said, “I am pleased with the court’s decision and sentencing. The accused, I believe will not get the opportunity to hurt woman again for a very long time. I’m also pleased that the victim feels she can live her life without fear of being hurt by this habitual abuser.”

Kameni was found guilty and sentenced on all five counts to an accumulative sentence of 31 years’ imprisonment.

The Acting Ethekwini District Commissioner, General M.R Chirwa said, “I hope this sentence will send out a clear message to those who abuse women or children, that it will never be tolerated. Those that are abusive perpetrators, the justice system will ensure a long sentence that will ensure a possibility of rehabilitation.”

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