KwaZulu-Natal homeowner stabbed in robbery

KwaZulu-Natal homeowner stabbed in robbery

Durban – A Westville man was seriously injured when he was stabbed by a knife-wielding robber on Friday night.

The elderly man is understood to have tried to push the armed man out of his Rockdale Road home, resulting in a scuffle.

Blue Security Operations Manager Brian Jackson said the robber had gained access to the property in the early evening.

“The robber had managed to get over the electric fence and he then went to the front of the property where he opened a sliding door and entered the house,” he said.

“He then threatened the resident’s grandson with a knife and demanded cash before the resident intervened and tried to push the assailant out of the house. The assailant stabbed the resident in the arm during the scuffle,” he said.

“Paramedics attended the scene and took the victim to hospital for further medical attention.”

Jackson urged residents to be vigilant and ensure that electric fences and outdoor beams are switched on at night for an early warning system against intruders.

“We advise residents to always keep their security gates and doors locked at night because criminals tend to observe the patterns and habits of potential victims,” he said.

Source – News24

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