‘Kill land thieves and their children’

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‘Kill land thieves and their children’
'Kill land thieves and their children' - Image - Die Vryburger

The so-called mainstream media are at the forefront again by making a big issue of people who use the k-word in a moment of extreme frustration.

However, it is the social media that expose the racial hatred against whites and on which the mainstream media keep silent.

In Vanderbijlpark, there is a complaint of crimen injuria against Mr. Ruan Meintjes after saying on social media: “Now your municipality stops at rand water. It seems to me all that a **** can understand. The comment follows after the mayor of Emfuleni has blocked certain roads.

In Edgemead, Cape Town, a man frustrated with his neighbor also used the k-word after the neighbor’s children started a fight with his children. He later apologized, but it was not accepted, and he was charged by the Equality Court and the police.

On the other hand, Makhwela Lefty Monyela responded on social media about the death of the farm worker shot dead at Fochville when he wanted to steal a tractor. He said stealing a tractor is nothing. Whites stole the ground, and therefore all of them must be killed, with their children and their descendants.

So far, it is not known whether any complaint has been made against him.

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