Justice South Africa Style

Opinion by Charles Rogers

Justice South Africa Style
Justice South Africa Style

At the moment and since 1994 South Africa has gone through many changes and I should think that most South Africans of the minority groups have been following its progress under the rule of the African National Congress with apprehension, in many cases (these are) well founded and if any person is open minded (they) will agree with (the following:)

(The) first error, was the removal of expertise across the board which proved to be detrimental to running of the state.
To date our economy is in a shambles due to (this) lack of experience and corruption much of which is from the government.

One (example) of corruption being the ARMS deal, which is well worth investigating.

Since 1994 South Africa has had 8 Ministers of finance.

Crime: Has a major effect on past and future investments in our country.

Investments : The way things are being directed by the government is going to cause major problems to food security and when that happens (there will be) more unrest on top of what we have at the moment.

Justice: We have had a number of cases where our fictitious justice system appears to be in effect.

The first being an elderly woman living on a state pension by the name of Mrs Penny Sparrow, who vented her feelings about black people on the beaches and was fined R5000 + R150,000 to the Oliver (and) Adelaide Tambo Trust (plus) the ANC’s legal costs.

Then the next fiasco was by Mr. Velaphi Khumalo who vented his feelings about white South Africans as he felt they should be exterminated, he received a final written warning.

During this time we have had to put (up) with (the)infamous Mr. Julius Malema (who openly expresses) his feelings about white farmers and there Farms, which he feels should (be)confiscated or shared and the (threatening) of genocide of white South Africans when (he)has decided. And absolutely nothing has been (done) to bring this person down to earth and penalised for his outbursts. Julius Malema is going to affect (many) future investments in our country.

The next incident is Mrs Vicki Momberg (who was) effectively sentenced to two years in prison for using the K-word after she had been mugged by a black male. A question: Would you be angry if you were attacked? How come Mr.Julius Malema is allowed to shout his mouth off when he thinks it is going to advance his political future.

Then there was Major Mohlala of the South African National Defence Force who was going to put his 5 cents worth in with regards to an 80 year old white South African (the Reverend Braum van Wyk) being brutalised (have a look at the photographs) his comments (Major Mohlala) were that the senior citizen should have had his eyes poked out and his tongue removed, but (in) the same attack a white citizens, Professor Kobus Naude, was stabbed to death. Now do tell, is any of this justice?

South Africa, since the ANC has come (in) to power has lost many future managers.

Yours Sincerely,

Charles Rogers.

A senior citizen.

Socrates- The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new.

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SOURCEOpinion by Charles Rogers