‘July cruelty concept’ behind gruesome farm murders in South Africa

Front National South Africa

‘July cruelty concept’ behind gruesome farm murders in South Africa
Elderly man (87) attacked on farm, passed away in hospital

Front National SA expresses its horror at the five cruel instances of farm attacks during the past two days in South Africa; especially at the barbaric and sadistic nature of these murders. For years we have seen these attacks against white farmers in the country, with the ruling ANC appeasing international fears by saying it is “ordinary crime”.

We reject this. Front National SA regards the gruesome murders as a typical example of the July Cruelty Concept (named after the atrocities against minorities in Sri Lanka).

In addition, we want to inform the international community of the significant study by Jacob T Levy of Oxford about cruelty and conflict in multi-ethnic politics. South Africa was, of course, bullied into a multicultural constitution of 90% people of African descent and 10% from western, European descent under international pressure.

Levy describes four characteristic dangers arising from cultural pluralism, dangers with which a multiculturalism of fear must concern itself:

  • forcible inclusion of an ethnic minority that wishes to retain its own identity (represented in South Africa by the small white minority seeking self-determination to maintain their own language, culture, customs, history, ethics and morals);
  • forcible exclusion from citizenship and the protection of the state of small and stigmatized minorities (as in second-class citizenship to whites subjected to sporting quotas, black economic advancement and affirmative action – more than 100 discriminatory laws against whites in total);
  • internal cruelty, arising from attempts by communal leaders to prevent members from assimilating to or hybridizing with a neighbouring culture (as witnessed by increasing hostility against whites by the ANC government departments, including the SA Police Service);
  • and the outcast status of those who leave their ancestral ethnic communities (as seen whenever any person of African origin identifies with the oppressed white minority).

Forced inclusion and forced exclusion are analysed as the two sides of an impulse towards multicutural homogeneity. Internal cruelty, particularly against girls and women, often increases in reaction against assimilationist pressures from outside.

Hannes Engelbrecht, leader of Front National SA, said that farm murders and general violent attacks against whites are the symptoms of a sick African community seeking revenge for what they term “Apartheid” – 22 years after the dawn of the so-called rainbow multicultural South Africa. “Nobody under the age of 30 experienced any white-on-black discrimination, yet the ANC government keep on blowing life into the dying embers for their own selfish and racist reasons”.

Daniel Lotter, information chief of Front National SA, said: “It is appalling to see the mutilated bodies of especially young white children and old pensioners. It is as if all the evil powers of Satan are released against our people of European descent. It is a sorry State that allows its white minority to be slaughtered like cattle”.

Hannes Engelbrecht – Front National South Africa

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