Johannesburg police needs informers

Johannesburg police needs informers

If you have your ear to the ground and don’t miss a thing in your neighbourhood, you could become one of Johannesburg Central police’s informers.

The precinct said in a statement they were looking for men and women to join their network to help police crack down on crime.

Warrant Officer Xoli Mbele told News24 that they had been asked by their superiors to beef up their informer network to get the community to help them against crime.

Applicants must apply to become informants and if accepted, were registered and trained in how to go about their work without putting their own lives in danger.

”They must never be in danger,” said Mbele. ”They will not arrest the person or confront them.”

The informer will be taught how to pass information to police without putting their own lives in danger, will never have to testify in court, and will never have their identity revealed. He explained that the informer’s job is to discreetly tip police off about crime, and the police follow up on the information.
The evidence seized is what backs up the case, not the informers’ testimony.

For their efforts they receive ”incentives”, the scale of which Mbele did not want to reveal.

He said the informer network has helped police crack down on syndicates and also helps stop vigilantism.

”They are always on the ground. Most of the suspects know the police so it helps us a lot really.”

Those interested can call 0114977135 or Mbele on 0827776263.

Source – News24

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