Johannesburg cop caught on camera asking for bribe

Johannesburg cop caught on camera asking for bribe
JMPD Officer asks for a bribe in Johannesburg, South Africa

A Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) police officer has been caught on camera asking for a R200 bribe from a driver who was pulled over for alleged drunken driving.

The video was captured by the passenger in the vehicle. The driver informed the officer he was being filmed and requested the police official’s badge number.

Here is a video of the JMPD doing what they do best needless to say the driver was arrested because he asked for the officers badge number and then taken to the Honeydew Police station then was taken to have blood taken and charged with Drunken driving R1500 bail after having 2 beers in 6 hours.

The station Captain at Honeydew Police station says no crime was committed by the JMPD because no money changed hands so therefore Law Enforcement are allowed to ask for bribes and if you don’t pay you are arrested.

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