It’s ‘Do or Die’ Time for the SA Minorities

Article by Pieter de Beer, United Liberty Alliance

United Liberty Alliance - Umbrella organization for self-determination.
United Liberty Alliance - a non-profit minority rights organization, acting as an umbrella organization for all minority groups that promote the same primary goal, namely self-determination.

The SA downhill slide:

It is very clear from any “John Citizen’s” perspective that, after more than 2 decades of political change, and moreover against the current impact of the global Covid-19 pandemic, things in South Africa are more likely to get worse before improving.

“Slowly Boiling the Frogs” as per Ramaphosa

Against the background of the BBBEE program, minorities of specifically the White, Brown and Indian population groups have been targeted for exclusion from any meaningful prospect of equal employment- or business opportunities. With the current 114 race-based laws implemented by the government to curb the (mainly) White minorities’ privileges, nothing much in terms of the country’s situation has changed to a positive effect, or as was probably anticipated. This underlines the clear message aimed at whites on how the government is to deal with them, namely the much controversial use of the metaphor by Ramaphosa of “slowly increasing the heat to boil the frogs (the whites)”.

Awakening of the Minorities

Recent events clearly validate that there is an awakening among the minority groups, specifically across the Brown and White population. With an increased number of anti government sentiment movements and -organizations are sprouting up all over, it is evident from this phenomenon that the members of the minority groups are increasingly aware of, and in protest against their dire situation in South Africa, where their cultural-, religious-, language- and ethnic standards, values and morals are completely disregarded by the SA ruling regime.

So, dear reader, what makes the ULA’s process any different from other self-determination movements’ process?

The United Liberty Alliance is a non-profit minority rights organization, ultimately consists of a legal body, and acts as umbrella organization for all minority groups that promote the same primary goal, namely self-determination.

No other movement or political party has to date followed the only internationally-acknowledged legal process, yet some project to their followers that “secession from SA” will be possible. Since 2014 the ULA has diligently followed the internationally acknowledged legal “De Jure” process for self-determination, referred to as secession (withdrawal from a mother country).

Will Secession be Successful?

Historically, there were only 95 countries in the 1950s, whereas currently there are 195 countries globally, of which several that emanated from legal self-determination processes.

Examples of countries which have successfully seceded:

  1. America (13 American colonies) seceded from Great Britain (1776)
  2. South Sudan left Sudan (2011)
  3. Baltic republics left the Russian Federation (1990)
  4. Algeria left France (1962)
  5. East Timor left Indonesia (2002)
  6. Austria left Nazi Germany (1945)
  7. Eritrea left Ethiopia (1991)
  8. Bangladesh left Pakistan (1971)
  9. Finland left the Russian Soviet Federal Social Republic (1917)

The important, internationally required steps already taken by ULA towards the successful secession of a new country for oppressed minorities includes:

  • Concrete Evidence of Law Providing for Self-Determination – Completed
  • Quantifying and Margination Process – Completed
  • Feasibility Study of the Proposed New Independent Country – Completed
  • Communicate Intention to Seceded – Completed
  • Bill of Rights of the New Country – Completed
  • The Constitution of the New Country – Completed
  • Risk Analysis of the Forthcoming Political and Social Instability and the Imminent Threat to Minority Groups – Completed
  • System of Governance: Construct Governance Model – Completed
  • Exhausted Internal Remedial Process – Completed
  • Communication with International Role Players – Completed
  • White House Intervention Request: Min of 100,000 votes – Completed
  • Inform Public and International role Players of the Call for Mandates for Secession – Completed
  • Formulate, Advertise and Democratically Establish an Emergency Interim Government Model and Structure – Completed
  • Inform the Public to Equip Themselves – Completed
  • Compiling a “Unilateral Declaration of Independence Statement” to be available when the Need arises – Completed
  • Formulate Foreign Policy in Readiness for Activation after a UDI – Completed
  • Inform the UN Secretary General – Completed

In summary, no other organization has done the ground work in terms of the accepted international process for secession such as ULA has been following over the past 6+ years. As it is the only accepted process of the international community, no “internal” secession will be successful in being recognized internationally, therefore would be destined for failure.

This is a crucially important aspect to keep in consideration regarding any self-determination goal, and this fact is often not communicated by these groups to their supporting public. Simply deciding to identify a specific area in a claim for self-determination of a group, without following the due process, is likely to, at best, retain the intended area / region as subjective to the mother country’s rule of governance.

The minority groups were identified by ULA through the Quantifying and Marginalization Process (2) and includes:

  1. The Khoi and San indigenous people of South Africa;
  2. Descendants of settlers from Europe, the British Isles, the international Jewish community and even North Americans who settled in South Africa after 1652; and
  1. The descendants of slaves and indentured workers who were brought to South Africa before 1900, mainly from Malaysia, India and Indonesia.

The colored areas of the map image below indicate the areas earmarked for inclusion in the new seceded country:

United Liberty Alliance


The process of secession is duly followed against the background of the following broad spectrum of provisional laws and regulations pertaining to self-determination:

  • UN Resolution 47/135 of 18 December 1993 – “the right of minorities to secede”
  • The Moosa Declaration of 5 June 1998 – “self-determination declared legitimate”
  • Article 20 of The Banjul Charter of 1986, promulgated by the OAU – “the right of people to have self-determination”
  • Article 1 of The Twin Covenants of 1966 (enforced in 1976) – “self-determination as a right, not a privilege”
  • Article 21 (3) of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) – “the will of the people shall be the basis of authority of government”
  • Sect 231 (International Agreements), Sect 235 – Chapter 14 (Self Determination) of The SA Constitution
  • The Accord on Afrikaner Self-Determination of 1994

The current step ULA is following is to obtain the required 2 million YES-“mandates” in order to enforce a democratic referendum, that in case of a majority (50% + 1) YES”-vote would ultimately lead to finalization of the secession process.

Readers are invited to visit our website on for the very transparent details of both the ULA itself and the legal secession process.

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