Is Zuma scheming again?

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Is Zuma scheming again?
Is Zuma scheming again? Photo: Die Vryburger

On the day of the 8th No confidence vote against Zuma in Parliament, people all over South Africa were anticipating a speedy end to Zuma’s presidency and all will be well after that.

Front National cautioned: Zuma is an experienced and cunning politician. He is not going to be shelved without putting up a fight. Apart from that he is also a Zulu – a member of a great and proud African nation. And when under pressure, the tribal bonds of blood in the African takes precedence. Zuma, the Zulu, will not take kindly to being ousted by Ramaphosa, a Venda, at the instigation of Malema, a Pedi.

Is Zuma scheming again? Most probably. His court appearance last week gave evidence that he still has a lot of support, mainly in Kwazulu Natal. Following a statement by former president Kgalema Motlanthe, that trust lands should also be expropriated without compensation, the Zulu people are not very happy. King Zwelithini immediately reacted by stating that he will defend the traditional Zulu lands which is now part of the Ingonyama Trust. It is unthinkable that a Venda and a Pedi can take away Zulu property and get away with it. The Zulu people are talking amongst each other and they support Zuma. Which is a huge headache for the Venda president!

According to a report in the Sunday Times, the Zuma supporters in the ANC in Kwazulu Natal plans to remove Ramaphosa as leader of the ANC before the election next year. And if they can’t succeed in doing that, they plan to split their vote by casting a vote for the ANC on the provincial ballot paper, but for another party on the national ballot paper.

This probably means that parties such as the DA, Cope and EFF will focus heavily on KZN in their election campaign. What is concerning is the fact that insiders say they plan to work with extremist Andile Mngxitama BLFL.

In addition, Zuma’s close ally, Caesar Nongqunga, the president of the Twelve Apostles Church in Christ, has formed a new political party, the African Transformation Congress.

Insiders said Nongqunga formed the party with Zuma’s blessing.

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