Is sending more foreign aid to Africa wise?

Is sending more foreign aid to Africa wise?

Sub-Saharan African population will quadruple by 2100. First off I’d like you to close your eyes and picture a world where blacks are the majority. A world where food is a commodity, life has little value, disease is rife, violence is the norm and method by which one acquires sex, consumables and ones daily bread. Now picture the lands of the former Soviet Union, where stray animals wander the streets rummaging through garbage, men die in their fifties due to alcohol abuse, HIV rates are as much as 10X and murder rates, 5X higher than ours.

  • Frightening new research shows African birth rates are increasing 4X faster than the West’s.
  • Not taking into account blacks, Poles, Romanians, Balts and other Eastern migrants flooding Western Europe- in the US’s case, Mexicans, that rate reaches 7X.
  • By 2100 the world’s population will reach almost eleven billion, the bulk of it being sub Sahran African
  • Foreign aid fights natural selection

That’s the reality of where Western Europe and the world is headed if we do not ADJUST our policies.

We need to ask ourselves if it is really wise to send aid to Africa. To try and solve their AIDS epidemic, clean up their Typhoid infected water supply, vaccinate their children and fight to combat global infant mortality rates?

New research claims that ‘the world’s population will reach almost eleven billion by the end of the century because of soaring birth rates in Africa. The latest projection is about 800 million – eight percent – more than a previous UN forecast of 10.1 billion issued in 2011.

The new estimates are based on advanced statistical methods developed by University of Washington professor, Dr. Adrian Raftery, which utilises “finely tuned data that anticipate the life expectancies and fertility rates”, which have BOTH been artificially increased by western meddling…

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