Is Eskom being sabotaged?

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Is Eskom being sabotaged?
Is Eskom being sabotaged? Photo: Die Vryburger

Unconfirmed reports have been received this past weekend that dissatisfied Eskom workers are sabotaging the power provider.

The dissatisfaction of certain workers is apparently the reason why Eskom is currently ineffective, and there is a suspicion that workers who know exactly where to turn off the power supply is the cause of the mess in which South Africa finds itself.

The load shedding that was applied throughout the country over the past weekend provoked wide responses from unhappy citizens. And industry and businesses have in turn lost millions of Rand. The untruth of the so called “unplanned maintenance” makes Eskom’s management and spokespersons totally unbelievable.

Manufacturers and business people say there is no such thing as “unplanned maintenance”, as maintenance is always planned in advance, while the ‘crisis management’ currently at Eskom is a sign of the poor management.

The so called “unplanned maintenance” is nothing but quick repairs that are being done because no maintenance has been done.

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