Intelligence minister has failed South Africans, says union

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Intelligence minister has failed South Africans, says union
Zuma wants the crown jewels

The National Mineworkers Union Youth Structure (NUM-YS) on Wednesday urged President Jacob Zuma to recall Intelligence Minister David Mahlobo and replace him with “a capable person” to help the State gather credible intelligence as raging student protests and destruction of property continued.

NUM-YS secretary Sabelo Mgotywa said government should prioritise the needs of the people of South Africa and find someone to properly assist with intelligence work.

“Our warning to government is that they should not spend time where it’s not needed and fail the people of this country,” said Mgotywa.

“In this way, we call upon the honourable President Jacob Zuma to recall the Minister of Intelligence [David Mahlobo] and replace him with a capable person who will defend this country and assist in the proper intelligence gathering, there is no more time for minimum effort in executive authority in the state.”

The State was failing in its duties to ensure stability and Mahlobo had “completely” failed to protect citizens and property, Mgotywa said.

“This speaks to the incompetence of the political personnel charged with this responsibility. The less we speak about Minister David Mahlobo of Intelligence the better. He has completely failed to protect our country, people and property. South Africans are more vulnerable under his leadership more than ever before.”

Mahlobo was previously accused of failing to warn the country of possible disruptions such as the violent protests in the City of Tshwane ahead of local government elections and Vuyani in Limpopo, where more than 20 schools were torched as residents protested against inclusion in a new municipality.

Three people died and property destroyed as residents of Tshwane revolted against ANC’s local government election mayoral candidate Thoko Didiza. The protests spread across the metro, leaving a trail of destruction behind.

Mgotywa urged protesting students to expose “hooligans” whom he said have hijacked the ‘FeesMustFall’ movement for their own personal gain.

“The current situation in our universities must correctly be characterised with the terminology it deserves. It is no longer #FeesMustFall campaign but #FutureMustFall campaign. The genuine struggle for students particularly the poor has been hijacked by opportunistic elements with a different agenda,” he said.

The student protests against 2017 tuition fee increase at state universities have become violent at times resulting in running battles with police and destruction of property.

On Monday, students protesting for free education at the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) took their protest to the streets of Braamfontein, where passing motorists were pelted with stones, shops looted and a bus set alight.

However, the Wits Student Representative Council claimed those who destroyed property and looted shops were not students.

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