Innocent until proven guilty

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That is the foundation of our legal system. The very same legal system protected in the much revered 1994 Constitution.

The supporters of the ANC and the DA lean heavily on this constitution and this principle. Jacob Zuma’s supporters would argue: Our president is guilty of nothing before proven guilty, because we put our trust in our constitution and our legal system.

If that is the case, the matter of land ownership becomes very easy to settle. We often hear: Whites stole our land!

Why then has nobody gone to a police station and opened a criminal case of theft against any white man who allegedly stole his land? If the legal system is so transparent and so fair and the constitution so sacred, it shouldn’t be impossible to catch a thief and send him to prison, should it?

So why hasn’t any black South African or liberal supporter gone to a police station with evidence of the crime of theft and pressed charges for the stealing of their land?

Because they cannot prove that such a crime ever took place. And the cornerstone of justice remains: Innocent until proven guilty!

The theft of land never took place. It is about to start taking place pretty soon, however. That we know for certain now.

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