Influx of asylum seekers into EU countries

The European Parliament expressed its concern today about the influx of asylum seekers into EU countries, putting an immense pressure on the economy and infrastructure of the host countries they settle in.

In the first six months of this year more than 340 000 people already settled in European Union member states.

This very morning we reported about the 95158 white South Africans who left this country since 2011 alone – a considerable number of them also settled in the EU.

In total an actual number of about 646000 white South Africans left the country since 1986.

This does not count South Africans of other ethnic groups who emigrated. We can safely argue that quite a considerable number of the people looking for safety in the EU, is coming from here.

The EU asks: What can we do about it? They debate and propose and they miss the simple, straightforward, low-cost solution to everybody’s problem: Support our plea for self-determination, help us to put it on the table and to put us in a position where we can guarantee safety and welfare for our own people – and they won’t have to find it elsewhere.

Can’t say fairer than that, can we?

Daniël Lötter

Front National South Africa – Dept of Information

Photo Credit BBC

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