Huisgenoot, SABC next in line for consumer boycott

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Huisgenoot, SABC next in line for consumer boycott
Huisgenoot, SABC next in line for consumer boycott. Photo: Die Vryburger

After consumers boycotted the Spur restaurant group after their racist behavior, which resulted in several branches closing their doors, the same consumers have threatened with two more boycotts.

Readers of the Afrikaans Family Magazine, Huisgenoot, are highly upset at the magazine’s extremely positive report about the pending birth of Julius Malema’s third child, who is seen as a white and Afrikaner hater. Malema is notorious for his singing of songs such as “Shoot the Farmer”, “Skiet die Boer” and the like, and readers believe he deserves no place in an Afrikaans magazine, especially because it is so positively presented.

The second boycott is the SABC’s radio service who have decided not to broadcast any more rugby Saturdays. This includes the Afrikaans radio service, RSG.

RSG apparently continues to broadcast football, which is exclusively a black sport that Afrikaans speakers have little or no interest in. Listeners feel that soccer is being pushed down their throats and therefore no longer listen to RSG. This may affect the revenue of the radio service, as advertisers will advertise less and especially if listener numbers decrease.

The already bankrupt SABC can not afford it, but the political agenda of management is beyond the economic reality and wishes of listeners.

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