How do black children feel when Steve Hofmeyr sings ‘Die Stem’?

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How do black children feel when Steve Hofmeyr sings ‘Die Stem’?
How do black children feel when Steve Hofmeyr sings 'Die Stem'. Photo: Front Nasionaal SA

An old school friend of Steve Hofmeyr from Gray College Primary school days is again trying to derail a concert by Steve Hofmeyr.

His attempt at George failed when he tried to include the DA. His attempt at Bloemfontein failed when he tried to use the school. Now he is using the Western Cape Department of Education to try to prevent that the hall of the Overberg Primary School from being rented at Caledon for a Hofmeyr concert on 20 April.

In his letter to the WCED, Liberal Cape activist Desmond Bailes (aka “Sloet lite”) writes: “How should black children feel when Steve Hofmeyr sings “Die Stem”?

He knows exactly what racist strings to pull. But typically liberal, he does not realize that the anthem “Die Stem” is not just a song sung by an artist from a stage. It is an expression of a people’s cultural spirit and what is being lived. “We will answer your call, we will offer what you ask. We will live, we will die, we for you South Africa ”

Bailes is wasting his data on emails trying to stop Steve Hofmeyr’s concerts. If Steve no longer sings “Die Stem”, there are still thousands of us who will sing it and live it.

Why? Because nobody gives a damn about how a white child feels when he hears “Kill the Boer” or “Bring my machine gun”.

No one cares about how a white child feels if he is forced to sing “Nkosi sik’lele iAfrika,” knowing that it is a prayer to an African ancestor spirit that is dished up as “The Xhosa Version of the Name of the Eternal God “.

Because no one cares about how a white child feels when his history and culture is humiliated and trampled and smeared.

No one except this nation to whom “Die Stem” belongs and who cherishes and protects it and carries it in their hearts, and who sings and lives it.

The white liberalists like Sloet lite and comrades can continue in their identity seeking hatred campaign of reverse racism. Today Steve, tomorrow the FN, the next day Afriforum and so on.

But the spirit of the Afrikaner people will not be destroyed by you, because it is not just on stage, on social media or in memories. That Spirit lives and is much, much bigger than you are.

How should a black child feel if he hears “Die Stem”? Honest answer? We do not care because his parents do not care about how our children feel when they need to hear Nkosi Sik’lele and Umshini Wami (Bring my machine gun).

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