Horrific farm attack near Elandslaagte

Horrific farm attack near Elandslaagte

The Waterfall Dairy farm on the Collings Pass road near Elandslaagte was the scene of a horrific farm attack in the early hours of November 18, 2014.

Farm manager Luke Gibbs and his wife Bernadette were asleep when a noise woke them, and they were startled to find armed men in their bedroom.

The men had used a crowbar to open the back door of their farmhouse. They demanded guns and money. When Luke told them he did not own a firearm, the couple were beaten. Luke was beaten with the crowbar.

The men stayed in the house for close to an hour, loading electronic appliances onto the back of Luke’s farm bakkie.

The couple’s three-year-old child slept through the entire ordeal.

The men, believed to be six in total, then tied up the husband and wife before fleeing in their bakkie. The couple managed to free themselves and raise the alarm.

Secure SA and Elandslaagte police, as well as Ladysmith police and Sharaj Amubulance Services, responded.


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