Home owner kills would-be robber

Home owner kills would-be robber

A planned burglary at a house in Kensington, Johannesburg backfired on three men when the owner of the property shot one of them dead and left another wounded.

The three men had entered the house at about 7pm on Friday, while the family were having a braai. They apparently jumped over a wall to gain entry into the property. Two of them were armed with guns. They pointed the guns at the family and demanded money and cellphones.

The owner of the property had spotted the three intruders while he was fetching drinks and immediately went to fetch his firearm.

He shot at the men but two of them managed to escape.

One of the men had a plastic gun, the home owner said.

“I just responded and then the police, ADT security arrived and the ambulance arrived shortly (afterwards),” the man, who did not want to be named, said.

“The neighbours saw some dodgy-looking guys. I think they were totally opportunistic. I took out a gun and quickly responded. It was just by luck that I saw them,” he added.

Cleveland cluster spokeswoman Constable Mpho Mashakane said paramedics had declared the man who was shot dead on the scene…

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