Home buyers are not liable for previous owners’ debt

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Home buyers are not liable for previous owners’ debt
Home buyers are not liable for previous owners' debt - Image - Die Vryburger

The FF Plus supports the verdict of the Constitutional Court that new homeowners can not be held responsible for old municipal debt and regard it as an example that prevailed over reason and justice about mismanagement and unfair practices of local governments, said Adv. Anton Alberts, chairman of the FF Plus.

Adv. Alberts said it made no sense whatsoever that local homeowners should be responsible for the outstanding debt of previous owners.

He said the ruling also affects governments where coalition governments are currently ruling and who are under high debt because of the mismanagement of the previous ANC government.

“Although the verdict has paved the way for the new local governments who try to correct the administration in the cities concerned – where the FF Plus itself forms part of the coalitions – the party believes that the finding is rational and fair.”

“The residents of every city and town must come first, and the coalition governments simply have to find other creative and appropriate ways to manage the debt burden of city councils and to correct administration,” said Adv. Alberts.
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