Hijackers crash vehicle into railway tracks

Hijackers crash vehicle into railway tracks

Three suspects managed to get away after crashing the vehicle they hijacked into railway tracks at the northern end of Trezona Avenue in Witpoortjie.

The hijacking took place in a driveway in Elsenburg Street on November 21, 2014  around 9pm as a young man was about to drop off his girlfriend at her house after an evening out.

Arriving at her house the couple was attacked by a group of armed men who dragged them from the car.

An armed suspect then hit the young man over the head with his gun before driving off in his vehicle.

The couple immediately contacted the local Community Policing Forum and block watch who responded to the scene swiftly and ended up in a car chase along Trezona Avenue.

Unaware of the dead-end approaching at the end of Trezona, the suspects raced across Albertina Sisulu Road and crashed into the tracks.

Two of the suspects were injured in the crash and later were taken to hospital under police guard.

The third suspect managed to escape and got into a get-away car on Ontdekkers Road and disappeared.

A firearm along with a toy gun were found in the hijacked vehicle.

With the help of a West Suburbs Roodepoort Neighbourhood Watch (WSRNW) member, they removed the car from the tracks in the early morning hours of the following day.

Members of the Sector 8 CPF and WSRNW worked hand in hand to catch the suspects and to return the vehicle to its rightful owner. Representatives from Transnet later joined the CPF and block watch to clear the scene and to repair the damaged railway track.


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