High Court finds that Gigaba lied in court under oath

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High Court finds that Gigaba lied in court under oath
High Court finds that Gigaba lied in court under oath. Photo: Front Nasionaal SA

The Northern Gauteng High Court found on Thursday that the Minister of Finance, Malusi Gigaba, had lied in court whilst under oath.

The finding stemmed from a case against him while he was still Minister of Internal Affairs.

Fireblade Aviation, a front company of the Oppenheimers, approached the then Minister and requested that he provide staff for a new immigration terminal that they wanted to open at OR Tambo Airport in Johannesburg. Gigaba apparently agreed, but did not stick to his agreement.

Gigaba sworn in court in court that he never gave such a guarantee.

Judge Neill Tuchten found, however, that Gigaba had lied to the court under oath. Gigaba will appeal against the finding.

Front National’s request to the Minister is simple: If your honesty and credibility are so seriously doubted that the court accuses you of perjury, you do not belong in the country’s parliament. Especially after your new president has just undertaken to eradicate fraud, corruption and deception.

We can not trust you with the country’s purse strings. When can we expect your resignation?

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