Heritage Day? Anything to celebrate?

Heritage Day? Anything to celebrate?

Today many South Africans ‘celebrate’ Heritage Day. What is there to celebrate? In a country with so many different cultures is there anything that all South Africans can celebrate together?

A national anthem in 5 different languages – how can one be proud singing in 5 different languages? Lyrics and meanings lost in different foreign languages…

Now the EFF calls for Afrikaans or (Die stem) to be removed from the anthem. This is one of the last things that isn’t foreign to white South Africans. A sick agenda to alienate whites more in South Africa.

Statues and symbols vandalized by the black masses. Defacing statues, cultural heritage of a minority…

The youth of the country is engulfed in violence every day. Violent protests are a regular practice for the youths and adults (people that are supposed to be good examples to the youths) in South Africa. Violent UKZN protests where privileged students go on an all-out rampage.

Extremely violent “medieval-style” executions in gang violence where youths are burned alive in the practice called necklacing… A good example of this was the twin brothers that died side by side burned alive in Etwatwa.

A rise in police killings in 2015.

I ask you what heritage will be created with behavior like this?

Concerned South African.

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