Here comes the R200 000 000 note

Opinion by Front National SA

ANC general secretary, Ace (the Free State-milkman) Magashule, announced that, not only does the ANC intend to start with expropriation of land without compensation within the next week or two, but that they will also start a process to nationalize the Reserve Bank of South Africa.

How exactly Ramaphosa figured out that a policy, which is so openly communist and guaranteed to becoming an economic disaster, will stimulate foreign investment, is something only he understands.

The ANC, and the black man in South Africa in general, is notorious for ignoring lessons from the past. They deal with it in a very easy manner: Twist history to suit the purpose and forget the rest.

For if they were really interested in the lessons taught by history, they would have taken note of the fact that communism was a dismal failure in the Soviet Union, in Cuba, in Venezuela and everywhere else.

And then of course there was the recent example of where expropriation of land and nationalization in Zimbabwe caused an inflation rate of 500 000 000% at one point. A country where the poorest man was a billionaire, but did not have a crust of bread to eat.

Of one thing Front National is fairly convinced – The R200 000 000 banknote is on its way!

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