Halt police crime and abuse

Halt police crime and abuse

Durban – More work needs to be done to cut out the rot in the police service and officers should be adequately rewarded to encourage them to stay on the straight and narrow.

This is according to a number of political parties who were commenting after MEC for community safety and liaison Willies Mchunu’s budget speech on Friday.

Parties also red-flagged the abuse of state vehicles by police for personal use and called for action to halt the use of vehicles for shopping trips and transporting family and friends.

IFP MPL Blessed Gwala said apart from the abuse of state resources, police turned to crime to supplement their meagre salaries.

“Police salaries need to be improved if we want to have a clean and efficient police service. Officers get involved in criminal activities because they risk their lives to serve the community, but are not adequately rewarded.

“Some officers own big houses and a fleet of luxury cars. One wonders how these officers generated the money to buy those, and how they maintain that lifestyle,” Gwala said…

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