Give us enough votes to change Constitution – Zuma

With only 26 days to go before the May 7 general elections, President Jacob Zuma has made it clear the ANC would change the Constitution if it managed to get a two thirds majority at the polls.

“There are certain provisions of the Constitution that make it difficult for the ANC-led government to meet the needs of citizens,” President Jacob Zuma said.

He was addressing thousands of ANC supporters at Henry Bona Zone-Nilgri sportsground, outside Pinetown.

Zuma told the crowd they should do everything in their power to ensure the ruling party received a two thirds majority in the upcoming general elections to enable it to amend the Constitution.

“You must go out and persuade your friends and neighbours, even those that belong to other political parties to vote for the ANC so that we can get an overwhelming majority that will enable us to change parts of the Constitution delaying the delivery of services to our people.” Zuma, who was loudly cheered by thousands of supporters, indirectly touched on the issue of the negative media coverage sparked by the Nkandla report….